On August 13, 2015 the Russian Government announced that the food embargo would be expanded to additionally cover the listed food products originating from Albania, Montenegro, Iceland, Lichtenstein and Ukraine (on special conditions). The embargo would affect Ukraine if Ukraine implements the economic part of the EU- Ukraine Association Agreement. The information was published on the official website of the Russian Government at: http://government.ru/docs/19265/. The relevant decree is not yet officially published. 

Initially, on August 7, 2014 Russia imposed a 1-year ban on importation of the listed food products from the US, EU, Canada, Australia and Norway as a retaliatory measure in response to the Ukraine-related sanctions introduced against Russia. The established list of banned agricultural and food products originating from the above listed countries currently includes the following goods (with certain specific exemptions): 

  • meat and meat products of HS codes 0201 - 0203, 0207, 
  • certain types of fish and sea products of HS codes 0302 - 0308, 
  • milk and dairy products of HS codes 0401 - 0406, 
  • certain types of vegetables of HS group 07, fruit and nuts of HS groups 0801 - 0813, 
  • sausages and similar products of HS code 160100, 
  • certain food products of HS codes 1901 and 2106. 

In June 2015 the ban was extended to be effective until August 5, 2016, and it may be subsequently extended for another 1-year period. Starting from August 6, 2015, the banned products that somehow find their way to the Russian market are subject to destruction when discovered by authorities (Presidential Decree No. 391 dated July 29, 2015).