The Chicago Board of Trade fined Wherrett Trading LLC US $45,000 for two purported speculative limit violations in November 2017 and February 2018. Each violation involved corn futures contracts and occurred on one day. Both matters were resolved by a settlement agreed by the firm. Separately, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange alleged that three members of the same brokerage group – Scott Moore, Christian Reynoso and Casey Tangney – traded opposite each other on a noncompetitive basis on multiple occasions involving Eurodollar options between May and October 2017. To resolve this matter, each individual agreed to a 10-day all CME Group access prohibition and paid fines ranging from US $25,000 to US $40,000. Finally, Leonid Uvarov agreed to pay a fine of US $15,000 to the CBOT for engaging in purported wash sales for accounts with the same beneficial ownership in order to flatten positions between accounts; Gregory Kobus consented to a sanction of US $5,000 by CME and an all CME Group access prohibition for six months for allegedly engaging in disruptive trading involving cattle and hog futures contracts on multiple occasions from December 1, 2015, through June 30, 2016; and Syntex Energy, LLC agreed to pay a fine of US $40,000 to the New York Mercantile Exchange for not reporting block trades in crude oil futures with correct execution times.