In this year 2015, several environmental provisions came into effect, requiring a higher degree of compliance by companies. Among these regulations we may find:

  1. The new Regulations for Environmental Assessment, Control and Monitoring and its Classification Standard (AG 60-2015 and 61-2015), which purpose is to establish the legal criteria for the preparation, approval, renewal, and compliance with environmental impact assessments for all activities impacting the environment. In March 2, 2017, all companies must have, besides an EIA approved by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, the corresponding compliance bond and environmental license in force.
  2. As of May 3, 2015, Stage 3 for compliance with the maximum permissible limits of Discharge and Reuse of Wastewater and Sludge Disposal (AG 236-206) entered into force. All generating entities will be responsible for reaching the parameter targets set in the corresponding regulations.
  3. The National Forestry Registry Regulations were completely modified, which govern the registration, application and control processes for registering and updating the forestry technical and economic activities. These regulations will take effect on January 4, 2016.
  4. The new Regulations to the Forestry Incentives Law for Holders of Small Tracts of Land for forests or agroforestry - PINPEP - entered into force, which aims to regulate forestry incentives for small holders, and thus present a development model in sustainability, conservation, protection, production and improvement of forest resources with emphasis on community participation.