The Saskatchewan government has introduced Bill 160, An Act to Amend The Saskatchewan Human Rights Code (pdf), to reduce inefficiency, delay, and complexity in the human rights system. If passed, the Bill would, among other things, phase out the Saskatchewan Human Rights Tribunal, which currently hears human rights complaints referred to it by the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission, and require complaints to be heard in court.

Under the new system, the Commission will have the power to require mediation of all complaints. If, in the Commission's opinion, the complainant refuses a reasonable settlement offer, the Bill would give the Commission the power to dismiss the complaint. If the complaint is not resolved through mediation, the Commission may apply to the Court of the Queen's Bench for a hearing of the complaint. The Tribunal would only hear complaints filed prior to the Bill coming into force.

The Bill must still pass second and third reading and will be considered again when the provincial legislature reconvenes on March 7, 2011.