The Federal Ministry of Transportation issued Resolution No. 870/2018 simplifying the regime for obtaining the coastal traffic waivers which allow foreign vessels to carry out commercial activities in the Argentine sea in the event that no Argentine vessels are available to perform such activities.

Please see below a brief description of the new issuance regime:

  1. Applicants must submit their applications forms by means of the Federal Revenue Agency on-line portal (TAD for its acronym in Spanish).
  2. All requests shall be published (for a 48-hour term) on the public website “”. A notice will be sent to interested parties from the e-mail account of the enforcement agency.
  3. If within 48 hours there are reasonable oppositions from local ship-owners having Argentine vessels in conditions of rendering the same service, a waiver will be issued within the term of five days.
  4. Waivers will be valid for a 6-month term. A 15-day extension may be granted should there be valid reasons to do so.
  5. Waivers may be unlimitedly reissued upon expiration.

This new regime may simplify the bureaucratic proceedings for companies providing sea services (i.e. seismic data recollection, submarine platforms, etc.) to use foreign vessels in its activities.