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FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers), a global representative for consulting engineers, is renowned for its multi-coloured suite of standard form construction contracts. Where JCT and NEC contracts are recognised as being for UK domestic use, FIDIC contracts are very much considered to be international and are used all over the Globe. There is obviously no one size fits all jurisdictions and a FIDIC contract will need a certain degree of adaption to fit the jurisdiction in question, as discussed in the contract Guidance.

In this video, Partner David Brown and Legal Director Michael Conrad explore the use of FIDIC standard form construction contracts in France and whether or not they are compatible with construction law in France. David and Michael recently contributed a chapter on French Law and the use of FIDIC in the book, The International Application of FIDIC Contracts – A Practical Guide, looking at how FIDIC contracts are used in France and so are well versed in the subject. David and Michel will look at the extent to which FIDIC contracts are used, or perhaps more fittingly not used, in France, and why this might be the case.