The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) released today its final rule that amends TTB standard of identity regulations for distilled spirits to expressly list Pisco as a type of brandy. Under the Federal Alcohol Administration Act, TTB prescribes requirements for the packaging, marking, branding, labeling, and quality of alcoholic beverages. Pursuant to this authority, TTB has established standards of identity for twelve different classes of distilled spirits. 27 C.F.R. § 5.22. Within each class, TTB prescribes additional standards of identity for various sub-categories or “types” of spirits.

In order to clarify the status of Pisco and conform existing regulations to international agreements limiting the geographical origin of Pisco, the final rule adds Pisco as a type of brandy under TTB regulations. While the TTB has consistently considered Pisco to be a brandy, the new rule makes that classification explicit and newly restricts the geographical origin of Pisco to products manufactured in Peru or Chile. As such, the final rule simultaneously revokes any Certificate of Label Approval (COLA) granted for products labeled as Pisco that are not from Peru or Chile.

The final rule is available here.