As previously noted, yesterday (March 6th) was the last day to file bills in the 91st Arkansas General Assembly.

A number of “shell bills” were filed.

A few of the shell bills that may be of some relevance include:

  • House Bill (“HB”) 2120 (Womack) addressing the burning of tires
  • HB 2185 (G. Hodges, McCollum, Sabin, Hester) titled The Electric Bicycle Act
  • HB 2189 (Wardlaw) stated to increase flexibility for a county collecting fees and service charges for solid waste management
  • HB 2192 (Sabin, Davis) creating a task force to study nonmunicipal domestic sewage treatment works/prepare a report and recommendations for the Legislative Council
  • HB 2268 (Lemons) creating an open and fair competition for state-funded water, wastewater, and storm water drainage projects by including acceptable piping materials in a project bid
  • HB 2280 (M. Hodges) amending the sales and use tax exemption for certain products used by manufacturers and to reduce the sales and use tax applicable to coal used by manufacturers

A copy of the bills can be downloaded below:

HB 2120

HB 2185

HB 2189

HB 2192

HB 2268

HB 2280