Alabama: Head of Department of Public Health Stepping Down to Lead Hospital Association

Dr. Donald Williamson is leaving his position as the State Health Officer for the Alabama Department of Public Health (DPH) to become the next President of the Alabama Hospital Association, but will stay in his current role until transitioning in November. Dr. Williamson has been with DPH since 1992 and is the chair of the Alabama Medicaid Transition Task Force. A successor has not yet been named.

North Carolina: Department of Health Secretary Announces Resignation

Aldona Wos, the Secretary of North Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Services, announced her decision to resign from the post she has held since January 2013, citing her wish to spend more time with her family. Under the leadership of Wos, the State’s Medicaid program was able to cover its expenses and end the last two fiscal years with a surplus. Wos will be replaced by Rick Brajer, a management consultant who ran several healthcare and diagnostic services companies.

Washington: Health Benefit Exchange CEO to Resign

Richard Onizuka, CEO of the Washington Health Benefit Exchange, announced his resignation effective August 31st. Onizuka has been the Exchange's only CEO since it was established in 2012. Exchange Board chairman Ron Sims expects Pam MacEwan, currently the Exchange's Chief of Staff, to be appointed Interim CEO.