Indemnification Limits: Are there limits on the scope of indemnification? State law varies on the extent of permissible indemnification. For example, many states will not allow a party to be indemnified for its own negligence. If the indemnification clause in your contract is overbroad, it may not be enforceable at all.

Liens: What are the rules about liens? In many states, prospective lien waivers are not enforceable. Some states require pre-lien notices. You need to know the applicable rules.

Payment Laws: Is there a state law about payment requirements? Many states have a "prompt payment statute" which requires an owner to pay a contractor or a contractor to pay subcontractors within a certain time period. In some states, such requirements can be waived. In other states, they are mandatory and cannot be waived.

Pay-When-Paid Restrictions: Are "pay-if-paid" or "pay-when paid" clauses enforceable? In some states, such clauses are not enforceable or are subject to certain limits.