In a Notice to the Port of New Orleans Trade Community dated July 15, 2016 (No. 16-013), the Area Port Director informed the trade that In order to present a uniformed approach on issues involving the Jones Act, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Office of Field Operations (OFO) announces the creation of the National Jones Act Division of Enforcement (JADE). The Notice stated that the Jones Act is the foundation of maritime policy of the United States and a vital tool for our nation's security and economy. The mission of the JADE will be to assist CBP and industry partners on issues concerning coastwise trade, with the goal of being a clearinghouse for all coastwise trade issues. All formal ruling requests will continue to be forwarded to Regulations and Rulings, Office of Trade. The JADE will be located within the New Orleans Field Office and will be staffed by a team of subject matter experts (SMEs) to assist industry partners with questions and concerns on issues involving coastwise trade. The JADE will work in partnership with industry stakeholders in the enforcement of the Jones Act, along with all other coastwise trade laws. As an advocate for coastwise trade, the JADE be available for outreach presentations to industry partners on the subject of coastwise trade.

Suspected violations of coastwise trade can be submitted through the e-Allegation portal. Industry Partners may contact JADE at jonesact with any questions or concerns regarding coastwise trade issues.