A car wash company, Prowash Systems Limited, was fi ned £6,750 for failing to purchase compulsory employer’s liability insurance. The company’s failure came to light when a Health and Safety Awareness Offi cer from the HSE visited the premises in December 2009. Prowash subsequently failed to produce a certifi cate confi rming that EL insurance was in place, despite having been issued with a notice in this respect, and failed to attend an interview called by the HSE. The company also failed to attend court and the case was heard in its absence. Prowash was found guilty of fi ve breaches of the Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969 and was ordered to pay costs of £1k in addition to the fi ne. The Association of Insurance and Risk Managers (Airmic) has recently called on the Government to come down more strongly on companies which fail to take out compulsory EL insurance. Technical Director Paul Hopkin stated: “Firms that save money by taking shortcuts on employee safety are getting away with it because of inadequate enforcement.” Current legislation allows for a penalty of up to £2.5k per day for an employer who does not carry insurance.