In December 2018, the Medical Specialist Federation (FMS), the Dutch Hospital Association (NVZ) and Private Clinics Netherlands (ZKN) published a model agreement regarding the cooperation between hospitals and private clinics. The parties aim to enable hospitals and clinics to reach clear agreements on cooperation in relation to the transfer of medical care of patients, accessibility and measures for qualitative healthcare and information sharing.

By drafting and publishing this model agreement, the FMS, NVZ and ZKN are following up on a report published by the Healthcare and Youth Inspectorate (IGJ) on 3 April 2018. In this report, the IGJ held that 81% of 404 clinics and 90% of ZKN members have agreements with hospitals. Since this report was published, FMS, NVZ and ZKN contended that these agreements should be formalised. The model agreement (designed for specialist healthcare) can be used by the hospitals and clinics that have not yet formalised their agreements. In addition, the model agreement can be adapted to the specific circumstances at hand.


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