In a memo to the UFCW executive board and advisory committee members, UFCW President Marc Perrone, wrote that “it is demonstrably clear that we must organize harder, bargain better, and communicate our importance to our members and the community—now more than ever.” Perrone also reiterated that the union could not “accept these challenges and threats as a permissible status quo.” In a recent interview with Bloomberg BNA, Perrone outlined the UFCW’s new initiative to provide local union staffers with training on how to effectively communicate the benefits of union membership.      

Newly-elected DNC Chairman Tom Perez reiterated the Democratic Party’s commitment to unions at the USW constitutional convention in Las Vegas. Perez encouraged union members to run for public office in an effort to fight against anti-labor legislation. Delegates at the USW convention also passed a resolution to focus efforts on helping its members get elected to public office. The resolution also included an initiative to create a nationwide program that prepares its members to run for public office. The USW expects the program to begin later this year.