A new immigration bill has been announced by the French government which will introduce a number of significant changes to the current immigration policy in France. The following points highlight some of the changes expected to take place:

Intra-company transfers 

  • A cooling off period will be introduced for holders of the EU ICT permit. They will be required to leave France when their visas expire for periods of at least 6 months.
  • Instead of the current requirement that EU ICT permit holders have 3 months prior experience in their chosen field, employees will be required to evidence 6 months employment with their sending employer.

Non-EU graduates 

  • Non-EU nationals who have graduated from a French educational institute will be upgraded to a full residence permit, instead of the temporary residence authorisation that is currently issued. The full residence permit will allow non-EU nationals to travel in the Schengen area.

Talent passports 

  • Companies may be eligible to qualify as an ‘innovative’ sponsor even if they have not obtained the tax status of being a ‘young, innovative company ‘ and as such, they will be allowed the 4 year talent passport.  Talent passports may also be available for individuals that undertake business projects that encourage and support the economic development of a French business.