Akron-based FirstEnergy will discontinue most of its consumer energy efficiency programs after 2014, “ending popular rebates and discounts on Energy Star appliances and lighting and rewards for turning in old appliances,” Cleveland.com reports. The basis for the company’s request is the recently enacted Senate Bill 310 (SB 310), which freezes Ohio’s energy efficiency and renewable energy standards for two years (for more on this, see our June 13, 2014 blog post); FirstEnergy says it can meet the standards as they stand now without the efficiency programs. FirstEnergy had “lobbied lawmakers hard last spring to approve” SB 310. Under the new law, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) had little choice but to approve most of FirstEnergy’s proposed plan. According to the article, “consumers will still pay for these programs through delivery rate increases already in place that the commission refused to reduce.” Among the programs that will stay are “[l]ower income home energy audit and efficiency upgrade programs,” and a “program for commercial and some industrial customers.” For more, read the full article.