The Law number 51/2013 of 24 th July, which approved the amending budget to the year of 2013, introduced in the Special Code for Consumption Taxes, relating to the Tax on Petroleum Products, an exemption to the electricity consumption that will benefit the house industry. The tax, that until the moment was 1 Euro per megawatt/hour, represented an high cost to production. With this amendment, it is exempted of a tax payment the electricity consumed in the installations subjected to the European commerce of gases emission with greenhouse effect, or the one subject to an agreement of rationalization of the energy consumption,  referent to the identified products in the Combined Nomenclature with the codes number 2701, 2702, 2704, 2713 and 2711, as well as the fuel oil with sulfur content not exceeding 1%. However, the exemption depends on previous recognition from the competent custom authority, producing effects from the registry date in the GIS system.