The Florida Bar learned of a written filing and statements in which Janice Jennings (West Palm Beach, FL) advised the court, among other things, that her former employer implanted a microchip in her left ear that was designed to harm and disrupt her ability to function.

The ABA reports that Jennings maintained a psychological evaluation was inappropriate: “What has been done, and, at each microchip activation to me, evokes a neurological response, as opposed to a psychological response,” Jennings wrote. “Hence, if I had a neurologist’s report which I submitted, that appears more appropriate, wouldn’t you agree?”

Despite her objections, Jennings has been suspended indefinitely until she complies with the terms and conditions set forth in a court order, which include a mental evaluation and demonstration of rehabilitation.

The court previously imposed an emergency suspension that took effect in August 2014.

The case is summarized by the Florida Bar and covered by the ABA Journal and Legal Profession Blog.