A California federal court has dismissed a proposed class action against Plum Organics alleging that large photos of fruits and vegetables on the company’s Mighty 4® Children’s Food product packaging mislead consumers into believing the products contain significant amounts of those fruits and vegetables. Workman v. Plum Inc., No. 15-2568 (N.D. Cal., filed November 2, 2015). The court refused to find that the mere inclusion of the pictures constituted misrepresentation.

“The products at issue do not display any affirmative misrepresentations,” the court said. “They merely show pictures of featured ingredients contained in the puree pouch and fruit bars. No reasonable consumer would expect the size of the flavors pictured on the label to directly correlate with the predominance of the pictured ingredient in the puree blend.”

In October 2015, Plum announced it would change its marketing, including product names, to better reflect the contents of its products. Additional information appears in Issue 582 of this Update.