The TFTC’s decision in a leading case in which it fined foreign companies for their exterritorial concerted action based on information provided by leniency applicants was appealed by the foreign companies and vacated by Taiwan High Administrative Court.  On November 5, 2014, the Taiwan High Administrative Court rendered a judgment, vacating the TFTC’s decision on the basis that it is unlawful because: (1) the TFTC failed to prove that the exterritorial concerted action relating to ODD products had effects on the local ODD market; (2) the TFTC failed to prove that the foreign companies were indeed involved in the exterritorial concerted action at issue; and (3) the TFTC’s power to impose a fine was barred by the 3-year statute of limitations.  Tsar & Tsai Law firm successfully represented a foreign company fined by the TFTC to secure a favorable judgment.