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Forbes Guthrie, a good friend of The Water Values Podcast, joins us today to discuss how to clean up water from industrial processes. We had a wide-ranging discussion that covered the basic process his company, Stewart Environmental, employs using ceramic filters, and the different types of water that need to be cleaned up, from water from industrial processes to mine water, to brackish water. We even get into technology commercialization, and he shares how Stewart Environmental goes about commercializing its technology.

In this Session, You’ll Learn about:

  • What produced water from oil and gas drilling, including fracking, is
  • The basic process by which Stewart Environmental cleans up tough-to treat water
  • Stewart Environmental’s use of ceramic filters
  • Why ceramic filtration for water clean-up is superior to other forms of filtration
  • What acid mine drainage is and why it’s a problem
  • Brackish water and its growing importance as a source of water
  • Why Forbes is surprised that he’s been cleaning up brackish water for agricultural use
  • The technology commercialization process Stewart Environmental undertakes

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