Officials of Time Warner Cable (TWC) confirmed late last week that the company will deploy fourth-generation WiMax wireless broadband services to subscribers in four markets by the end of this year. The announcement by TWC, an investor in the Clearwire WiMax venture, comes on the heels of a similar proclamation by Clearwire venture partner Comcast, which, last month, began offering WiMax services over the Clearwire network to Portland, Oregon customers. On Monday, Clearwire said that, by September 1, it would bring online ten additional markets in Texas, Washington and Idaho that would join four markets in which service has already been launched: Atlanta, Baltimore, Las Vegas, and Portland, Oregon. Like Comcast, TWC will provide its WiMax service via the Clearwire network under its own brand name. In remarks to investors, TWC CEO Glenn Britt said that his company would begin reselling Clearwire WiMax services this fall in Dallas, Texas and in Charlotte, North Carolina. Although Clearwire charges customers $20 per month for in-home wireless broadband and $40 for mobile broadband in markets where the service is currently available, TWC has yet to disclose the details of its pricing plan or the identity of the two remaining markets where it intends to roll out service this year. Clearwire, meanwhile, expects to launch network operations later this year in Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle and Honolulu and to bring a total of 80 markets online by the end of 2010.