EBA finalises payment fee terminology: EBA has published its Final Guidelines on standardised fee terminology for payment accounts in the EU that will help regulators develop provisional lists of the most representative payment accounts services (RPASs) that are subject to a fee. EU regulators have to establish provisional lists of RPASs offered by at least one Payment Service Provider in their jurisdictions. The Guidelines describe procedures and factors to be taken into consideration when drawing up these lists. The lists will help EBA in developing standardised terminology. These will then be the basis for two new EBA information documents: the Fee Information Document and the Statement of Fees. EBA plans to consult on these during 2016. (Source: EBA Starts Work to Standardise Fee Terminology for Payment Accounts Across the EU)

EBA publishes reporting amendments: EBA has published its ITS amending the Commission's Implementing Regulation on supervisory reporting. The amendments include minor changes to templates and instructions which reflect some of the answers published in its Single Rulebook Q&A and corrections to legal references and other clerical errors. The amendments should apply to reporting from June 2015. (Source: EBA Issues Amended Technical Standards on Supervisory Reporting for Institutions)

EBA consults on shadow banking exposure: EBA is consulting on guidelines proposing criteria to set limits on EU institutions' exposures to shadow banking entities. In the absence of a definition of "shadow banking entities" "banking activities" and "regulated framework" in EU banking legislation, EBA proposes a definition that would capture entities that are not subject to appropriate and sufficiently robust prudential supervision and therefore pose the greatest risks. The consultation ends on 19 June. (Source: EBA Consults on Exposures to Shadow Banking)

EBA updates Q&As: EBA has added a new item to its single rulebook Q&As. (Source: EBA Single Rulebook Q&As)