Being a business consultant and trained trial attorney is a key factor to understand that the real value of a professional legal advisor lies in the ability to prevent problems and moreover ensure that (if possible) all issues be mediated in order to avoid long trials and costly legal resolutions.

Labor relations, marriages, partnerships, trusts and all associations that entail human interaction are at large, destined to end.  A contract as an objective governing method is meant to regulate the execution, success, and over all functioning of all endeavors.  Social conventions must never be drafted in the high spirits of the “honeymoon” stage and consequently, ought to be never terminated in a frenzy of negative reactions after emotions fade. The true importance of any legal document is to rationally regulate all legal relationships unaffected by circumstance and emotion whilst functioning as an objective asset that might guarantee success, and in time, the most important thing: peace even in the presence of dissolution or termination of the relation.

Peace is something that rarely emerges at a court of law, but frequently materializes when two differing or opposite parties reach an agreement. It could be said that accord or even reconciliation seldom come from an imposed will (judge, arbitrator or authority) but usually arise from free and considerate compromise. Harmony and solidarity are now a necessity in an ever-rapid changing world where avoiding difficulty, litigation and expenses is a must and must be second only to the fulfillment of our purpose through peace, solid relations and compliance.

It is the ultimate responsibility of all legal advisors to draft profound and sharp agreements that rationally may govern client’s relations and in the end and most importantly, to have the ability to prevent contingencies for each and every client and if need be, resolve disputes in a way where reconciliation and accord may also prevail.

Law suits will never cease to enter the realm of business and inter personal/professional relationships. Nevertheless, in a world where technology accelerates change and alters the direction of businesses daily, may we be allowed to conceive that even in court and in the face of conflict it might be advisable to conciliate and come to terms with the fact that in the XXI´st century we very well might meet again after conflict. It won’t be through engagement and discord that two differing parties will find peace. Rather, it will be through mediation and compromise that we may have allies and not enemies both in our business and personal relationships.