If you check out the White House Web site this week, one can see more evidence of President Obama's push to commercialize cleantech, setting out more practical ways to do what was suggested in his recent State of the Union address. For example, a video is provided where: "CEA (Counsel of Economic Advisors) Chair, Austan Goolsbee, explains how the new Startup America program will help entrepreneurs overcome what’s often called the "valley of death," and help American win the future."

A government who understands the valley of death? This is a new sign of hope for commercializing cleantech.

In addition, President Obama spoke at Penn State - this writer's alma mater - this week about his new efforts to commercialize cleantech with governmental incentives. Pennsylvania is one of the leading case studies for commercializing cleantech and nanotech - see, for example, the Regional, State, and Local Initiatives Workshop Report (RSL) recently posted on the NNI site. For example, efforts by the Pennsylvania Nanomaterials Commercialization Center are featured in this report.

When it comes to commercializing cleantech, I could not help but think of that 1988 Nike slogan: "Just Do It." Speaking of getting things done, 2011 is a particularly important year as election fervor will be in full flame for 2012, likely tilting the debates, moving actions to words, and sucking out energy (no pun intended) from the drive to commercialize cleantech. The U.S. government will need to review more cleantech company IPOs and profitable acquisitions (or lack thereof) to complete the Obama Administration's programs to commercialize cleantech.