Seyfarth Synopsis: A Democratic lead House subcommittee has proposed a large budget increase for both the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Mine Safety and Health Administration.

The Democratic budget proposal would allocate more than $660.9 million for OSHA in fiscal year 2020 – around $103 million more than the Trump administration’s proposed budget for the Agency. The White House’s proposal had OSHA slated for a small increase over its $557.2 million FY 2019 budget.

Additionally, MSHA would be allocated almost $417.3 million – around $41.3 million more than the White House’s proposal – under the draft bill. MSHA had a $373.8 million budget in FY 2019.

If approved, these new budgets would substantially increase OSHA and MSHA’s enforcement capabilites. We will keep an eye on this as it moves through Committee.