The Commission has published a study entitled "The Promotion of Employee Ownership and Participation" which provides an overview of the development of employee financial participation, and in particular of employee share ownership, across Europe over the past ten years.

The European Commission, in its summary of the study, states that it "describes and analyses in depth a range of policy options to be considered at EU level to reduce the main obstacles to transnational employee financial participation and to encourage it throughout the EU. These options include the creation of a virtual information centre and establishing an optional European legal regime for employee share ownership. Overcoming cross-border barriers to employee financial participation schemes is particularly important in view of the potential for EU companies to implement such schemes and to benefit from their impact".

The Commission goes on to say that research presented in this study suggests that companies which are partly or entirely owned by their employees generate more profit, create more jobs and contribute more to tax revenue than companies without employee ownership. These companies also tend to relocate less and favour local production and business succession.