A federal district court has confirmed an arbitration panel’s interim award requiring Allied Provident, as reinsurer, to post security for unreimbursed losses and expenses that its cedent claims are due under the parties’ reinsurance agreement. The court first considered whether it even had the power to confirm the panel’s interim award because generally a court does not have the authority to review an interlocutory ruling by an arbitration panel. The court found, however, that an exception to that rule exists when a panel has granted an award of temporary equitable relief, such as a security award, separable from the merits of the arbitration. The court therefore found that it had the power to confirm the interim award and rejected all of Allied Provident’s arguments to vacate it.

The court also denied Allied Provident’s request to stay the interim award and to disqualify the entire arbitration panel. The court directed Allied Provident to appoint a new party arbitrator, as its arbitrator had resigned due to health reasons, so the proceedings could continue. Companion Property and Casualty Insurance Co. v. Allied Provident Insurance Inc., Case No. 13-CV-7865 (USDC S.D.N.Y. Sept. 26, 2014).