THE WASHINGTON POST: Ruined crops, salty soil: How rising seas are poisoning North Carolina’s farmland

The salty patches were small, at first — scattered spots where soybeans wouldn’t grow, where grass withered and died, exposing expanses of bare, brown earth. But lately those barren patches have grown.

NEWS & OBSERVER: Hunters might soon have another reason to help feed the hungry: A deer-meat tax break

Hunters and meat processors looking to donate surplus deer meat could be eligible for a tax credit if House Bill 208 makes its way through the General Assembly.


WRAL NEWS: Sex ed would be opt-in, not opt-out instruction under House bill

A proposal sponsored by conservative House members could change the way students receive health and sex education instruction in North Carolina schools.

Economic Development

JDN NEWS: Thriving downtowns benefit the economy

Onslow County downtowns, whether they’re a flourishing hub of restaurants and crafts markets or are still in the process of growing, are always looking to further develop or beautify.


NEWS & OBSERVER: Lawmakers want to block a change that’s about to save state workers millions at hospitals’ expense

A plan to save state employees money on their health insurance expenses is facing opposition at the General Assembly over fears it could harm hospitals all around North Carolina, particularly in rural areas.

ABC11: Health department confirms 98 flu deaths in North Carolina so far in the 2018-19 season, including a 5-17 year old

A total of 98 people in North Carolina have died from the flu this season, including one person between the age of 5 and 17, according to the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.


USA TODAY: Political operative, four others arrested in North Carolina ballot fraud scandal

The political operative at the center of an election fraud scandal that has engulfed a North Carolina congressional race was arrested Wednesday on charges of illegal ballot handling and conspiracy. Four people working for him were also charged.


CBS17: Proposed bill would require NC cyclists to register bikes with DMV

A new proposed bill could impact North Carolina bicyclists. House Bill 157, sponsored by Wilkes County Rep. Jeffrey Elmore, would require bikes driven on North Carolina roads and highways to be registered at the DMV.

TRIANGLE BUSINESS JOURNAL: Second contract awarded for $2.2B Complete 540 project

Despite another recent legal challenge, the N.C. Department of Transportation is pushing ahead in its plans for the Complete 540 project, issuing the second of three contracts for the $2.2 billion job this week.