(Bulletin [2014] No. 23)关于扩大小型微利企 业减半征收企业所得税范围有关问题的公告, issued by the SAT

Bulletin [2014] No. 23, applicable to small low-profit business taxpayers from 2014, specifies that preferential policies for enterprise income tax (“EIT”) will not be subject to prior approval; the taxpayer will only need to report on  number of employees and total assets to the tax authorities for annual record filing.

The fact that a small low-profit business taxpayer that meets the conditions to benefit from preferential treatment has not applied them when calculating the enterprise income prepayments does not prevent it from applying those benefits in its annual final settlement.

Taxpayers applying indirect estimation methods for EIT calculation could also apply the preferential policies if they qualify as small low-profit businesses.

Date of issue: April 18, 2014. Date of effectiveness: April 18, 2014.