Following a $9 million judgment in its favor, Granite Re was further awarded pre- and post-judgment interest on that judgment. Granite Re filed a proof of claim in Acceptance Insurance’s bankruptcy action for the amount of $10.9 million, the balance of the premium due under a reinsurance contract plus interest. Acceptance disputed the claim, arguing it no longer needed reinsurance, and filed a separate adversary proceeding against Granite Re alleging unjust enrichment. The Eighth Circuit’s Bankruptcy Appellate Panel reversed the bankruptcy court’s ruling in favor of Acceptance. The Eighth Circuit affirmed the Bankruptcy Appellate Panel’s ruling. Granite Re moved for an entry of judgment, requesting $9 million under the claim plus 1.5% pre- and post-judgment interest. The bankruptcy court ruled that because the exception for unilateral performance applied, Acceptance’s repudiation did not accelerate premium payments and thus Granite Re was entitled to pre-judgment interest. Likewise, Granite Re was entitled to post-judgment interest at the rate specified by federal statute. In re Acceptance Insurance Co., Case No. 05-80059 (Bankr. D. Neb. Jan. 20, 2011).