Iranian researchers have reportedly found an environmentally friendly way to synthesize cellulose nanoparticles, useful in personal-care products such as conditioners, from waste cotton fibers. Tayyebeh Fattahi Mei-Abadi et al., “Spherical cellulose nanoparticle preparation from waste cotton using a green method,” Powder Technology, July 2014. The processes used were described by the lead author as enzyme hydrolysis and ultrasound methods. Noting that acidic hydrolysis is most often used to produce cellulose nanoparticles, lead researcher Tayyebeh Fattahi Mei-Abadi said, “This method is not in agreement with environmental issues, and it leaves byproducts. But in this research, enzyme hydrolysis method was used, which enables the production of nanoparticles under mild condition without any environmental damage, and it does not require specific equipment. In addition, ultrasonic process was carried out with low energy in a short period, which makes cost-effective the production of cellulose nanoparticles through this method.” See Fars News Agency, July 29, 2014.