The UK High Court has held that the government cannot trigger Article 50 alone, but must have the approval of Parliament.  The government had intended to serve notice of the UK’s intention by using its prerogative powers, but this was challenged by claimants seeking a declaration from the court that the government did not have the legal power to do so without prior authorisation from Parliament. According to reports, Theresa May is expected to tell the European Commission today that her Brexit timetable will not be derailed by the High Court's decision; however, the ruling will certainly give rise to debate over the terms of what Britain's exit from the EU should look like and has been described as a ‘massive obstacle’ to the timetable. An appeal against this decision has been permitted to "leapfrog" directly to the Supreme Court and, if the government loses this appeal, it will have to draw up an Act of Parliament for MPs and the House of Lords to vote on.