OTTAWA – The Honourable Stéphane Dion, Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada and Leader of the Official Opposition, today announced a shuffle of the Liberal Party’s critics and caucus team.

The shuffle comes one week before Parliament reconvenes, and ensures that the Liberal Party will be best equipped to address the priorities of all Canadians in the next session.

“I am extremely proud of my team. Our work in the last session ensured the Parliament could address issues of importance to all Canadians, and forced Prime Stephen Minister Harper to acknowledge the major failings of his government,” said Mr. Dion, citing examples such as:

- Developing a three-party opposition consensus to strengthen the Clean Air and Climate Change Act (Bill C-30);

- Encouraging the adoption of key justice bills by offering to fast-track almost three-quarters of the Government’s justice legislation;

- Leading the call to work with our allies in NATO and in Afghanistan to bring a responsible end to the combat mission in Kandahar by February 2009;

- Forcing the Prime Minister to change the team managing the mission in Afghanistan by demoting Defence Minister Gordon O’Connor; and

- Demonstrating Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s incompetence so effectively that the Prime Minister removed him as Chair of the Economic Growth and Long-Term Prosperity Cabinet Committee.

“It was our persistence in the House of Commons that led to so many of these changes, and this shuffle builds on the strengths we demonstrated in the last Parliamentary session,” said Mr. Dion.

“This shuffle will strengthen our ability to leverage the expertise and experience of our team, and to ensure that we will work and act on behalf of all Canadians. ”

In this spirit, Liberals will continue to work for a richer, fairer and greener Canada, and pursue the following priorities:

- Build a more prosperous economy and provide better opportunity for Canadians by making Canada a more innovative, productive and competitive economy;

- Improve opportunity and social justice by implementing a plan to finally start the fight against poverty – and child poverty in particular – in Canada;

- Strengthen the justice system and the fight against crime by encouraging effective, responsible and realistic justice legislation;

- Seek effective solutions to protect our environment, such as setting absolute reduction targets for the emission of green-house gases; and,

- Assert Canada’s international voice by pursuing foreign policy goals that reflect our Canadian values and truly serve our national interest.

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