On October 4, 2013, the Environmental Protection Administration of the Executive Yuan announced proposed amendments to the “Environmental Impact Assessment Working Standards for Development Activities”.  Important amendments include:

  1. when the environmental impact assessment is conducted, the developer is required to publish relevant information on the websites designated by the competent authority for 15 days and display or post pamphlets near the development site for at least 30 days to encourage public participation and information transparency;
  2. the developer shall convene a public participation meeting, the process and status of which shall be one of the crucial items to be reviewed in the environmental impact assessment, and the competent authority may order the developer to hold additional meetings if the competent authority deems public participation to be insufficient; and
  3. to conform to current conditions, the investigation time and frequency required by the Table of Surveying Current Environmental Condition for Development Activities is reduced to less than 2 years.