EBA reviews supervisory colleges: EBA has published its annual assessment of the work of colleges of supervisors. The report:

  • notes improved efficiency of EU supervisory co-operation, especially during the 2014 Asset Quality Review and the EU-wide stress test exercises;
  • identifies that, in 2015, close monitoring of capital plans will be a vital follow-up to last year's stress tests to ensure EU banks maintain their strong capital positions and to help investigations of potential future weaknesses;
  • says supervisors will closely monitor credit risk management and undertake benchmarking of internal model outcomes; and
  • highlights that the activities of EU colleges of supervisors in 2015 will be marked by the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive (BRRD), which requires colleges to reach a joint decision on the assessment of recovery plans of cross-border groups.

The report also identifies the need for supervisors to review conduct risk, and monitor and assess improvements in corporate governance of EU banks, so as to ensure sound ethical standards. IT risks will also feature on the 2015 agenda, as the vulnerability of outdated systems to cybercrime and outages was found to be on the increase in the course of 2014. (Source: EBA Reviews Work of EU Colleges of Supervisors for Cross-Border Banking Groups)

EBA updates single rulebook Q&As: EBA has amended its single rulebook Q&As to include two new items. (Source: Single Rulebook Q&A)

EBA publishes resolution planning responses: EBA has published the responses to its consultation on implementing technical standards (ITS) on procedures, standard forms and templates to provide information for the purpose of devising a resolution plan. These are required by the BRRD. (Source: ITS on Procedures, Forms and Templates for Resolution Planning)