IRS Normative Ruling n. 1,349 was published on April 26, 2013, and ruled transactions carried out in the securities market.

This rule created the Statement of Operations in Regulated Security Markets, and obliged brokers and companies that distribute titles and securities, authorized to deal in securities exchange, to provide monthly to their clients information on the transactions performed.

The lack of filing of this Statement or its filing with mistakes or omissions results in penalties that may vary from R$500.00 to 0.2% over the revenue of the month before the filing of the mistaken statement (or R$100.00 if the corresponding amount is less than R$100.00).

This rule will be in force as of July 25, 2013, 90 days after it was published, and the first Statement must be available in 2013, until the 20th of the month following the end of the assessment period.

(IRS Normative Ruling n. 1.349, 25.04.2013, Official Gazette, 04.26.2013. Available at: < >. Accessed in: April, 2013).