During the previous term, it was presented to Congress, a project AMENDING ARTICLES 126 and 130 OF ACT 1328/1998 OF COPYRIGHTS AND RELATED RIGHTS.-

The project was made based upon the argument to provide legal certainty for performers and phonogram producers in compliance with the international commitments assumed by Paraguay. Paraguayan law can be considered avant-garde and according to the latest doctrines and models from around the world in all areas.

In over 10 years of operation of the Act, there has been a precipitous evolution in public access to works, performances and phonograms in their quantity and quality, especially for digital media. The protection of copyright and related rights are now more necessary and important than before, because the massive and indiscriminate access by the public to all kind of works, performances and phonograms adequate response must match the state in strengthening the legal protection. Thus, the greater is the need of the public for entertainment, culture and technology tools, stronger and effective should be the mechanism of protection of copyright and related rights .

The tendency to increase the protection of copyright is not a coincidence, it is the response of the global society meeting the challenges posed by the digital environment and the evolution of the Internet, from a mere communication channel to a global village and more recently a "social village ' with the advent of social networking and content sharing via " P2P ".

Modified the law, the duration of the rights of performers will last seventy years, beginning on January 1 of the year following the fixation of the performance year.

If orchestras, choirs and other groups, the duration will be seventy years counted from one of January following the fixing performance and protection given to producers of phonograms shall be seventy years counted from January 1 of the year following the first publication of the phonogram. Expiration of the period of protection, phonograms pass into the public domain.