A consumer has filed a putative class action against Mondelez International Inc. alleging the company’s “Go-Paks,” packages of “mini” or “bite” versions of Nabisco cookie and cracker products, contain more than 25 percent slack fill in violation of California law. Bush v. Mondelez Int’l Inc., No. 16-2460 (N.D. Cal., filed May 5, 2016). The “Go-Paks,” including Mini Chips Ahoy!, Mini Oreo and Ritz Bits varieties, are sold in opaque cups that do not indicate the quantities inside, the complaint asserts. The plaintiff argues that he relied on the cup’s size as a representation of the product he would be receiving and he would not have purchased the product had he known about the amount of slack fill. For alleged violations of California consumer-protection statutes as well as breach of warranties, negligent misrepresentation, fraud and unjust enrichment,  the  plaintiff  seeks  class  certification,  an  injunction,  actual and punitive damages, attorney’s fees and costs.