On 6 December 2103, the European Commission released this Press Release, announcing that “Justice Ministers have today reached agreement in record time on a European Commission proposal to complete the legal framework for Europe-wide patent protection.”

The agreement to establish the Unified Patent Court relies upon the “Brussels I Regulation” (Regulation 1215/2012) to determine international jurisdiction for the Unified Patent Court.

This European Commission proposal is largely technical in nature and involves clarifying how these jurisdictional rules will work in the context of the Unified Patent Court, as well as how the rules of the “Brussels I Regulation” should be applied between the EU Member States party to the Unified Patent Court Agreement and the EU Member States not party to the Unified Patent Court Agreement.

According to the press release, “The Parliament’s Legal Affairs (JURI) Committee is expected to vote on its report in February 2014, with a final plenary vote expected the following month.”