The British Association of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) has recently announced that there are more than 50,000 cosmetic procedures performed each year and, given the increasing popularity of cosmetic surgery, these numbers are likely to continue rising. However, recent research reveals that two thirds of those who have had surgery regret their decision as the results did not match their expectations.

The most common complaints from those surveyed included suffering complications and side effects which were not properly discussed before surgery and the cost of the surgery which created financial problems and difficulties in making the repayments.

Everyone has their own reasons for undergoing a cosmetic procedure. An increasing number of men and women are deciding to have cosmetic surgery because they have insecurities about the way they look but many discover that going ‘under the knife’ to fix their body and appearance does not always have the desired effect. Celebrities such as Amy Childs and Katie Price have also recently spoken out about their regrets at having surgery and some of the choices they had made.