Corporations and Health Watch writer Monica Gagnon recently interviewed Anna Lappé about her new book, Diet for a Hot Planet, which describes the agricultural industry as “not just a victim but also a perpetrator of climate change.” According to Lappé, “Our food system indirectly and directly is responsible for about one-third of all greenhouse gas emissions,” a statistic she says is “largely missing from the public conservation.” In particular, Lappé focuses on a “corporate response to the crisis” that reflects the “multifaceted” nature of the food sector, where “players don’t always have the same selfinterest and use different strategies of denying or acknowledging their impact on climate.”

“What we are seeing is that lot of food companies are pushing to be their own police, not to have government regulate the industry,” Lappé claims, turning a critical eye on strategies like “green advertising” and urging consumers to conduct their own research on social responsibility programs. “[S]ince we live in a regulatory context where it’s easy for companies to greenwash their story and hard for consumers to detect misleading claims, a healthy dose of skepticism is always good.”