The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted business as we know it. How is the crisis affecting your organisation? Are you experiencing a temporary decline in hiring, or does hiring seem to be non-stop? No matter your industry, the hiring environment has changed with some companies experiencing an increase in onboarding new employees.

Many companies are still hiring during the pandemic, some at a more accelerated pace than others. Regardless of the industry you work in, the likelihood is that your normal hiring processes and background checks would have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Workforces are still largely restricted in the way they can work, and many are still in some form of lockdown. This poses a lot of challenges when it comes to recruitment such as:

  1. Navigating the new realm of virtual recruitment.
  2. High demand for recruitment in certain sectors (e.g pharmaceuticals, retail supermarkets, delivery companies, transportation, retail banks, healthcare).
  3. The need to hire employees with a specific skillset (e.g digital marketing, IT teams, customer service).
  4. Accommodating for existing staff working from home.
  5. Considering the long-term and short-term economic impact of hiring during the uncertainty of the pandemic.

Companies are faced with the difficult task of hiring quickly and economically whilst managing the day to day risks and challenges.

Key Impacts of COVID-19

Lockdown drastically reduced the data sources needed to carry out checks for incoming employees, many key workers would have been affected by this. As the lockdown restrictions are being lifted sources are slowly becoming available, but the uncertainty of a second wave could put them under threat again. The economic impact of Covid-19 resulted in many employees being furloughed. This would have also restricted the availability of accessing data sources.