As previously mentioned, Westchester County (the “County”) entered into a Settlement and Order of Stipulation and Dismissal (the “Settlement”) regarding exclusionary zoning practices and the ability to create affordable housing. Attached is a report, required by the U.S. District Court’s 7/12/2012 Order, compelling the County to conduct an analysis regarding restrictive zoning practices in 31 communities. The County reached the conclusion that there was no evidence of exclusionary zoning in any of the 31 communities. However, the court appointed Monitor engaged the Pratt Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment (old friends John Shapiro and Brian Kintish, with Alix Fellman) to review the County’s conclusions and data. The attached report concluded that 24 of the 31 communities are not exclusionary, and directed the County to provide by August 27, 2013 priority steps the 7 exclusionary communities should take to provide sufficient opportunities for affordable housing.

The report highlighted my community, Hastings on Hudson, for providing meaningful opportunities for development of affordable housing, in terms of zoning and the recently adopted Comprehensive Plan.

Monitor’s Report on Westchester County’s Analysis of Municipal Zoning

Report on Zoning by Municipality in Westchester County, New York (Hastings-on-Hudson Section)