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To assist you in preparing for potential impact to your workplace and employees from the Coronavirus or other infectious diseases, we have put together the following list of action steps:

  1. Review your workplace policies and consider what measures may be necessary to protect employees from the Coronavirus should the current outbreak continue to escalate, such as allowing teleworking or providing protective equipment.
  2. Consider alternatives to work-related travel to affected areas, and consult with counsel regarding other potential measures to implement around business and personal travel.
  3. Communicate with employees about measures being taken to keep the workplace safe. Avoid alarmist or speculative language, and stick to providing factual information based on official guidance from the CDC, WHO, and state and local health agencies.
  4. Designate a point of contact for employee questions or concerns about the Coronavirus – preferably Human Resources or a similar function within your operations.
  5. Continue to monitor the latest information being provided by the CDC and WHO and provide employees with updates should there be significant changes impacting your workplace.