Fair Trade Commission found that Apple Asia LLC., Taiwan Branch entered into distribution contracts with major iPhone suppliers, i.e., Chunghwa Telecom, Far EasTone and Taiwan Mobile, pursuant thereto the telecom companies must submit their pricing plans (including cellphone prices with fixed-term subscription) to Apple Asia LLC., Taiwan Branch for its approval before new iPhone model was introduced into the market.  It was evidenced by the e-mail correspondences between Apple.com and telecom companies.  According to the contracts, the telecom companies shall not offer lower subsidy for iPhone than that for the other brand cellphones of the same level and with similar plans.  Further, there exists a minimum purchase quantity clause in each of the contracts, and Apple Asia LLC., Taiwan Branch’s consent to relevant ads was required.  Fair Trade Commission on December 25, 2013 ruled that Apple was in violation of the Fair Trade Act by depriving the telecom companies of discretion to determine pricing according to their own cost structure and market competition conditions, and ordered Apple Asia LLC., Taiwan Branch to cease the violation immediately and to pay a fine of NT$20 million