Patent Group, LLC filed a new round of false patent marking lawsuits against several patent owners, whose patents appear to have expired. Several hunting and outdoor industry companies were named in these lawsuits including the Outdoor Connection, Inc.; The Tackle Factory Inc.; Cyalume Technologies Inc.; Spyderco, Inc.; RyKel Industries, Inc.; Cramer Products, Inc.; and KAI U.S.A., LTD. d/b/a Kershaw Knives. All of these lawsuits were filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, a forum perceived favorable for plaintiffs and jury damage awards. Current patent law provides for damages against a patent owner for up to $500 per article marked with an expired patent; however, the U.S. Congress and several courts are considering changes to the law to deter future false patent marking lawsuits. These recent cases serve as reminders to patent owners to periodically review their patent marking procedures.