This is our fourth installment on the new XXX domain, otherwise known as the internet's red light district.  We discussed pre-registration in first post and the launch process in the second.  In the third post, we discussed how hospitality brands could protect themselves through Sunrise B.  This mechanism, which closes Friday, October 28, allows hospitality companies to block their qualifying trademarks from registration by others as XXX domain names.

If you haven't already gone through the Sunrise B process, here is some information to consider:

  • Since September 7, the ICM Registry has received over 42,000 sunrise applications. As of the beginning of August, there had been only 1500 applications.  ICM is expecting that, as of the deadline, applications will exceed 50,000 for both Sunrise A and Sunrise B. 
  • XXX domain names are commanding high prices.  According to ICM, XXX domain names are selling at a premium of up to 40% of the .com equivalent.  The highest price so far, $500,000, went for
  • The sale of XXX domain names is proving incredibly profitable.  Domain Incite reports that the ICM Registry's breakeven point was 10,000 applications.  You can do the math, or just check out the announcement that ICM Registry is entering world class powerboat racing with world champion driver Mike Seebold.