The UK government is reportedly planning to set up a new agency to handle trade-defence investigations. According to a job advertisement for a digital expert for the new team, the goal is to establish the new agency with 130 staff by October 2018. The government will propose legislation to the UK Parliament in September to establish the UK Trade Remedies Organisation which will be an arm’s length body of the Department for International Trade. The agency will “investigate and tackle incidents of unfair trade” such as dumping and subsidies by foreign states that are currently handled by the European Commission. The UK Trade Remedies Organisation is being created because “we need to develop the UK’s approach to tackling allegations of unfair competition and build the capability and capacity to investigate complaints and enforce the rules.” The job description acknowledges that it will be a “huge challenge” and notes that “what we expect to deliver and the related timescales could change as our detailed policy thinking develops, as the legislation moves through Parliament, or as a result of the on-going negotiation with the EU”. (BBC)