Pacific Employers Insurance Company petitioned for rehearing of a Third Circuit decision ordering that judgment of non-liability be entered in favor of Global Reinsurance Corporation of America regarding a coverage dispute under the parties’ facultative reinsurance contract. As we earlier reported, the Third Circuit reversed a lower court decision in favor of Pacific under Pennsylvania law. The Third Circuit reversed and, applying New York law, held that Pacific’s late notice of underlying asbestos-related litigation that would likely give rise to claims precluded coverage, even absent a showing of prejudice to Global.

Moving for rehearing, Pacific argued that the court misapprehended and overlooked three points of New York law. First, Pacific argued that the court misapprehended New York law on contract interpretation by, in effect, rewriting the parties’ reinsurance contract to require Pacific to submit a definitive statement of loss even where no liability for a claim had yet been incurred, which could not be read harmoniously with a provision requiring Global to promptly pay Pacific after receiving a definitive statement of loss. Pacific further argued that the court overlooked that there had been no determination that the asbestos-related lawsuits the court held should have been promptly reported by Pacific were claims or occurrences for which Pacific later sought indemnity. Finally, Pacific argued that Global waived its late notice defenses by failing to raise them in its initial brief on appeal. The court denied the petition for panel rehearing without opinion. Pacific Employers Insurance Co. v. Global Reinsurance Corp. of America, No. 11-3234 (3d Cir. Oct. 3, 2012).